The commercial drone market is trending highly within many company agendas. Be it an asset inspection, aerial photography, branded social media videos, or filming a construction concrete pour. Hiring a professional company that specialises in drone photography is the new norm.  

Drone My Roof caters to commercial partners such as roofing contractors, roofing industry suppliers, architects, builders, building owners, remedial contractors, landscape gardeners, luxury car or boat collectors, real estates and homeowners to name a few. We are more than delighted to help you with videography and aerial photography. Our goal is to make your social media posts stand apart from others. Want to capture that birds eye view? As only a drone can? Our experienced operators are ready to show you what we can do! Below you will find some of our reasons to hire Drone My Roof.

Reasons To Hire Drone My Roof | Drone Hire Sydney

One of our Drones, the big white fly at work in a Sydney backyard

1) Variety of Services

At Drone My Roof, we provide services across a variety of domains: asset inspection, construction, social media, photography, and videography to name a few. We are constantly expanding the list on offer, and our clients inquire around new services daily. So we guess you could say the reasons to hire drone my roof keeps expanding too.

    • Our Drone data provides you with piece of mind, a safer, faster and more accurate visual appraisal of your asset. High quality footage can be stored and and used as a reference. They can be used to monitor any decisions or future planning discussions around the lifecycle of your asset. Our most common asset inspections are roofs!
    • Improve your site efficiency, planning, quality control or simply communicating to take holders are a few reasons why are drones are being used in construction all over NSW. Not to mention those cracking shots to market your site!
    • Drone My Roof by name might appear to specialise in roof inspection or aerial photography. But, it is more than just that. Our company deals in providing you with eye-catching images for your social media pages that will attract a potential audience. 
    • We also cater to commercial partners, especially construction clients and building owners looking to get construction, still, or time-lapse photography. We care about capturing your experience the way you want it to be remembered, be it private property, corporate events, or business sites. 
    • Within drone services, we also specialise in drone videography. We are here to take your brands to new heights with a successful branded video, complete with key content messages or raw footage that’s all about the views and the angles at an affordable price point! 

2) Budget-Friendly Reasons To Hire Drone My Roof

At Drone My Roof, we put our clients at foremost, and we work to maximise the value of footage and drone services according to your budget. Considering this you don’t have to worry about the expense, while still getting premium quality videos and images. All costs are discussed and agreed prior to each flight. We will consult with you every step of the way and maximise your reasons to hire drone my roof again. Our mobile site office is key in keeping remote locations cost effective. We developed this while working multiple national locations to reduce away from home accommodation costs. If you have multiple days in the same location, those costs add up! But with Drone My Roof’s mobile office, it has built in accommodation. Our away from home costs, are better than you can imagine!

Being budget-friendly means having returning clients, and that’s our motto ‘Mobile, Versatile and Affordable’!

3) Qualified and Trained Drone Photographers

Drone My Roof does not have staff that simply knows how to work with a drone; that’s not enough for us! We have qualified drone photography specialists and pilots trained for years in flying remotely operated aircraft, photography, and post-production content to provide you with premium drone services. However, we offer so much more than just raw images from a drone. Considering your vision, we will consult, offering knowledge from years of combined knowledge. The weather is crucial, but not the only factor… we take into account when planning your flight. 

4) Environmentally Friendly

If you are a nature conservationist or wish to avail of sustainable service, Drone My Roof is the perfect option. Considering they are environmentally friendly, but drones are also currently in use to keep an eye on our planet’s pollution levels. We pride ourselves in being part of the change revolution, impacting the environment less, through using drones and finding new ways to protect our planet. Therefore if you’re looking to monitor any geological space for climate change, then you know who to call. 

To Summarise

The demand for drone hire services has increased, and the reasons to hire drone my roof with them also. Very few professional drone companies cater to your requirements with the versatility we offer. Drone My Roof specialises in commercial and construction photography, but we are by no means limited to that! With so many varied projects, and our passion for creating mind blowing visual captures, Drone My Roof has the skill and experience you need. If you are thinking about hiring a drone company to further expose your business, look no further. But if you are managing a list of asset inspections utilising heavy machinery or lanyards, we can work in with you too. There are a myriad of reasons why people are turning to Drone My Roof to help, and attitude might just be number one. Remember, we don’t just do droning, we love it!

If all or any of these reasons caught your interest and you want to know more about Drone My Roof, reach out to us; we would love to help you explore the options available to you!