Are drones environmentally safe is the question that is beginning to register in the back of our minds now. We see drones being incorporated into photography, videography, and even transportation. Using drone footage has become a new trend not just on social media but also from the perspective of branding as well. 

However, this is a rising concern for the environmentally conscious that are drones good for the environment or not? Here are four reasons in support of the fact that drones are good for the environment. 

Are Drones Good For The Environment | Drone My Roof
Drones replace traditional displays of fireworks

1 Less Carbon Pollution than Other forms of entertainment

New Years Eve has changed for many major cities all over the world, and for the better we might say! We all know the morning after pollution that sits heavily within the air quality, the day after a traditional fireworks display. Yes Drone powered light displays are wowing the onlookers all over the world, with vivid displays, in high contrasting colours and formations, creating mind blowing effects, beyond those ever though possible. The best treat of all, is the lack of air quality pollution created by these battery powered wonders.

2 Drones Used For Environmental Monitoring

Did you know that drones are used to monitor our beloved Earth for signs of pollution and to oversee the effects of climate change? This is because drones are used to survey and map out various environmental factors in geological spaces. That way, the meteorological team can make informed decisions on how to tackle foreseeable climate issues. 

Drone aerial photography can be combined with geolocation and infrared images to precisely represent the current environment. They can be used to gather data in ecosystems where the human presence can cause a dis-balance. For example, gathering data on the geolocation of endangered species where the human presence can be damaging. This also includes covering areas where humans are unable to reach or land, such as volcanoes. 

3 Less Carbon Pollution than Other forms of Transport

Electric-powered drones are much more atmosphere friendly compared to other forms of diesel transport such as trucks. It releases less carbon dioxide. So by being airborne, it does not mean that drones will consume a lot of energy and thereby emit higher carbon dioxide. Drones are now even used to replace trucks and other land-based Transport to deliver lightweight packages because of their energy efficiency. Drones are now being used in warehouse operations, petrol or electric movers are being replaced by Drones, where the items are small. This is providing increased efficiencies along with decreasing work place injuries from repetitive incorrect handling procedures.

4 Checking on Renewable Energy Sources

Did you know that drones are all used to survey the potential utility of renewable energy projects for different businesses to choose an appropriate location? Solar companies specifically use them for solar residential module measurement because it saves time. These drones are capable of flying over fields having solar panels. They will check for which panel is working using infrared senses. You can even hire a drone service for inspecting solar panels on the rooftops as well. Keeping an eye on solar panels will help support the production of renewable resources such as solar energy. 

In Summary

So the question of are drones good for the environment? Yes, because drones have proven that they are environmentally friendly and support the production of green energy, helping to keep the planet safe, and produce less carbon emissions than traditional tasks performed before implementing drones. By using drone services, you would be contributing to keeping the environment safe. As a business owner, you may also like the efficiency produced through incorporating the use of drones across multiple tasks. 

If you are interested in utilising drone services, in any part of your business, please contact us.