Why use a drone pilot for real estate property marketing? Well you obviously have property to sell, and so do other agents, but what will help you fly high above the crowded marketing spaces available to you? You have the walk through video and some lovely images of the property, but you want that wow factor. How do you promote your property and capture that beautiful scenery it sits on? Or that wonderful suburb it sits within? A skilled Drone operator with a photography qualification is the answer of course!

Drone Photography and Videography Services are becoming the new normal.

Real estate agents all over the world have relied on the traditional skill sets contained within routine “marketing packages”, which are supplied in the same format, day in, day out. Prospective property buyers yawn as they skim over the collection of highly edited, blue sky and colour perfect gardens, until they reach the completely re-touched kitchen and onto the blemish free master bedroom.


But when it comes to Drone Aerial Photography; its exciting, appealing to the eye and encaptures the entire home, suburb and surrounds for starters. You can’t beat that “birds eye view” allowing the buyers to look at the surronding area, which they become apart of, or be attracted to the region through discovery of local ammenities or developments they didn’t even know were there in the first place!

Why Use A Drone Pilot For Marketing Real Estate |Drone My Roof | Image Greenhills NSW
Aerial Photography Image Supplied by Drone My Roof

We Know What Sells, & The Methods We Use Are Used By All The Other Real Estate Agents!

YEAH, I know right? So you copy the same marketing plan as every other agent, and get similar results YAWN !

QUOTE: everyone is thinking this sounds a little like “do the same thing repeatedly and expect a different result” #insanity

If you want the same results as everyone else, do what they do. Moreover, if you want to blend into the masses, copy them, you know, use that land loving perspective to capture a still image, possibly a lovely (yet very boring) walk through video, then pay THOUSANDS of dollars to realise the actual uptake on your property, is about the same as everyone else. You are competing with the same aspects, with the same colour corrected images, creating the same responses… (YEAH RIGHT, I BET IT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THAT PICTURE) based on using the same company, that has been working with this Real Estate for … OMG (SORRY IM SO TIRED YAWN) decades! But if you want to stand out, attract more buyers, and show unique perspective, capture your suburb and surrounds… ok… OK… you get the point! Hire A Drone.

Why Use A Drone Pilot For Marketing Real Estate You Ask?

A Drone Pilot, with the latest drone and a laptop might look like the answer to all your dreams, but unless they are a qualified photographer as well, you might as well just go with the standard package supplied by your “Cut and Paste” marketing plan. Confused yet? It might sound confusing, but there are companies or operators that understand post production and “have an eye” for footage that pops… and then there are the 1000 or so that realised the start up costs were low, and due to the corporate redundancy rates created by the COVID-19 pandemic, have started taking pictures for a reason to leave the house! The right Qualified Drone Pilot, from an inclusive and consultive Drone Business will only improve your chances of blowing away any local marketing competition, and at the end of your sale, improve your market price.

By now you realise your Real Estate Marketing is in competition with ever other similar product, currently advertised. You also realise that by using the same marketing program that most real estates use, means you will blend into the options on screen. We are here to help, and we want to make your Aerial Drone Images and Video Footage better than your competitors, and unique to you. So if you are ready to invest in your outcome, and get better results, contact us today… we don’t just “do droning”, we love it!