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A drone videographer could provide you with eye-catching footage

So why hire a drone videographer for construction Photography? One of the latest trends in the construction industry is to use the services of drone videographers. The main reason is to get high-quality aerial footage. Be it a construction project, site management or topographical mapping. Using the services of a highly qualified and trained drone videographer is extremely helpful in saving time and costs. 

Drones are used for all types of real estate listings be it residential homes, commercial property, resorts, or vacant land. Having a drone pilot on board can make getting things done far easier. Drone footage will provide you with not just eye-catching images, but mesmerising videography that you can use for your social media pages as well. 

Here are 4 reasons to hire a drone videographer for construction photography


  1. Attract More Buyers for Your Property 

Did you know that properties and developments, who take aerial images and footage:

  • Have broader marketing strategies, other than the site alone
  • Appeal to a wider demographic of buyers
  • Attracts investors from neighbouring suburbs 
  • Are 68% more likely to be bought according to MLS (Multiple Listing Service) statistics?

What this translates to is that buyers are more attracted to a property that can give them a feel of the surroundings, and the lifestyle that they will become a part of. Through a drone pilot, you get professional and images according to the concept brief, to sell with your development. 

  1. Save Cost and Time

Using drone services for construction photography and videography saves cost when selling stages in land acquisition.

  • Commercial property owners – Pre-inspections before hiring scaffolding can help prepare materials and trades needed
  • Real estate agents – Aerial location based photography sells the bigger picture, and is cheaper than traditional aerial services
  • Construction development companies – Reporting on progress, visual inspections at heights and many more options

Instead of hiring traditional photographers, drone videographers will cater the images and footage to your specific needs. 

Typically drone footage will also cost you less, as compared to traditional photography, while getting the task done in a shorter amount of time. 

  1. Help to Record All Types of Construction Activity

Contractors use drone services within job sites, which are then used as the basis for recording all types of construction activity. For example, having weekly drone flights provides improved clarity on the job site, along with overlaying design documents. With these planned flights, this enable visual verification to be recorded as a form of historical documentation. Progress payment hurdles are dramatically reduced, when agreed drone footage is supplied, with key milestones captured, then broadcast to invested parties. Personnel logistics cost are reduced and site safety improved, during physical inspections. 

  1. To Detect Issues Early Into the Project

Every construction project needs monitoring for progress, it also involves focuses on detecting issues, which can be rectified in the early stages of construction. In such cases, hiring a drone videographer comes in very handy. Drones can provide you with aerial data of how the construction project is progressing, based on which, you can make decisions. 

By providing you with accurate measurements and reducing the chances of errors, high quality videos and photos can improve your real-estate and marketing.

Drone construction photography and videography, footage is worth a thousand words. Advancements and innovations using drone services are on the rise in the construction industry. Now with the installation of thermal sensors and ground control points (GCPs) it is only getting better.

In Summary

Drone Photography and Videography use in Construction is becoming increasingly common practice. The variety of uses, the simplicity and safety surrounding their use, means this will become the new normal. Moreover having a drone videographer within construction companies is a growing trend. The growing demand for transparency by developers is a driving force. Social media currently remains the number one reason for demand, although productivity is now climbing the ranks. Having said this, the question is not if you should you hire a drone videographer construction photography, more like:

Should you hire a drone videographer for construction photography or contract them?

There are a couple of schools of thought, contracting a pilot will limit ongoing full time employment costs. Contracting is also a great way to test out the viability of this position within your organisation. Although, jumping straight into a full time role can be cheaper over the course of a financial year. While some plan to add, others are adding for long term future proof plans. Adding to the role is more simple when you employ it full time as a developing structure. But waiting to see how it could fit in, and testing the waters slowly is accepted practice too. Can you judge the impact of adding this role within your organisation? Only after reviewing the total impact to productivity, the bottom line, for a full cycle of business. Currently thousands of progressive construction companies all over the world are choosing to incorporate them into their daily activities. 

So add a Drone Videographer within your business. What do you stand to gain? How will you save? Are you adding a service? Or visibility to your clients?

Have you decided to hire a drone videographer for construction photography? please reach out to us. We are here to help!